Hotels and Industrial Sales

Hotels and Industrial Sales

In the hospitality industry “slip and falls” accidents are the most frequent accidents that cost lost time for employees and increased rates for customers. Bathtubs and or showers rank among the highest in terms of location for “slip and falls”.

After spending time with the heads of housekeeping and with the housekeepers we discovered that during work hours, while reaching for the higher tiles in a bathroom, housekeeping would step onto the sides (or into) of the bathtubs to try and reach the tiles.
The average housekeeper will clean anywhere from 30-40 rooms a day which is a tremendous amount of stooping bending in the bathtub. Not to mention the inhalation of chemicals first hand while down on their knees to clean.

According to the 2014 Liberty Mutual workplace safety index the annual direct cost of disability occupational injuries due to slip & falls is estimated to exceed $ 26 Billion

  • Average cost of slip and falls $ 28,500 per incident.
  • Average workers comp claim $ 25,000 per.We at MGI Solutions are not saying we can eliminate all potential slip & falls incidents, but we feel very confident that we can reduce the numbers significantly with education and implementation of a very simple change in procedures and a brand new tool that is much more efficient, The Simple Scrub.Our product offers ergonomic comfortable handles for heavy volume use. With aluminum powder coating to ensure no corrosion or rust. One color option is safety yellow; this will serve as a constant reminder of the Slip & Falls associated with the task at hand. Each unit will come complete with one scrubbing pad. We also offer a Velcro attachable terry cloth pad for drying the surface once cleaned.

Some of the many advantages of The Simple Scrub

• Back saver
• Time saver
• More efficient
• Ergonomically designed
• Light weight
• Easy to use
• No more direct contact or inhalation to potentially hazardous chemicals Typically bleach based cleaning products dry out hands and damage nails & polishes

Please review our information pack complete with how to videos and feel free to contact us with any and all questions. We look forward to assisting you on The Better Way to Clean!


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